Marguerite Levin, Clarinet

“Clarinetist Marguerite Baker [Levin]…sang out in the second movement adagio with luxurious songful phrasing.”   Harrisburg Patriot News

…the luscious dark tones mixed by Baker’s [Levin] clarinet…draped the piece in mystery.”  Washington Post

“The Quintigre Wind Quintet....Marguerite Levin, clarinet; - delivered both works with considerable technical and interpretive flair.” Baltimore Sun - “Clef Notes”


clar - i - net

a single reed woodwind instrument having a cylindrical tube with a moderately flared bell.....Merriam-Webster Dictionary


someone who plays the clarinet

licorice stick

the ordinary clarinet with a middle range....American Heritage Dictionary

agony stick

derogatory term used by military band trumpet players referring to the clarinet and me when playing is not going well!